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Inzio is a full service property management firm handling all property needs on behalf of the property owner. Services include rent collection, lease enforcement, tenant relations, property accounting, vendor payments, coordination of repairs, and monthly financial reports. 


Property owners with secondary homes in the greater Los Angeles area can benefit from Inzio's services as well.  We create a customized service plan for each property by conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the property and the owner's needs. These services range from concierge to auto detailing; from creating a maintenance schedule to bill payments and property inspections. 

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In addition to our comprehensive management services, Inzio Property Management & Leasing provides a Lease Only option for property owners who are only interested in having Inzio find and secure a qualified tenant for their vacant property.

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Investments & Development

Inzio is mobilizing private investment, for domestic real estate development for projects. The projects consist of developing and/or redeveloping houses, buildings,  and land. Inzio’s view of the real estate development process appreciates the complexities in the process as well as the long-term nature and ongoing management of the real estate enterprise. We focus on projects that have sustainable development and green building techniques which we analyze in the context of the life-cycle of the building, rather than at the beginning of building construction.

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Voted 2021 Best Property Management Company in Beverly Hills

Best experience I've had as a tenant in 20 years of renting. Inzio was prompt, professional, helpful, and simply a pleasure to work with. If I continue renting, I hope I run into them again. When I become an owner, I will surely turn to them to service my properties. Thank you for an absolutely great experience. (I really can't believe I'm saying this about a property manager--they are exceptional).

L.A. N.
Los Angeles, CA

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Luxury Rentals and Property Management in Los Angeles

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"The process of finding a good rental in L.A. is daunting. Thankfully we had McGhie to help us every step of the way--from the out-of-state search, to home viewings and lease negotiation. McGhie is kind, attentive, caring, and especially helpful. Truly the best!"

Joshua Fields M.
Missoula, MT

Yelp Review

"Inzio is changing the way Property Management is done. We are a full-service residential property management company founded exclusively to manage high-end single-family homes, townhomes, and condominiums in Beverly Hills & the Greater Los Angeles area."

McGhie Allan, President of Inzio

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